Buying Residential Real Estate

"He was patient as we saw, what felt like hundreds of houses, over the last year. Once we found the house, David 'worked his magic' to get us the best deal possible. We had a few hiccups with the seller along the way, up to and including the day of closing. David was helpful, steady and extraordinarily professional in getting through those issues." -cmartin
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The Home-Buying Process

Purchasing a home (or land for a new home) can be an overwhelming process.  We like to think that our main objective is to simplify and make this as straightforward and seamless as possible.  With that in mind, we thought we would tell you a little about what you can expect during the purchasing process.



Prepare for Financing

Getting pre-qualified with a lender not only gives you a clear picture of what you can afford, but also makes your offer stronger -- especially when competing against other offers on properties that can get snapped up quickly. We have several local lenders that we can recommend to help you start the financing process.



Searching for Properties

While there are several online venues for finding properties, we find that it can take time for new listings to feed through from MLS. In a market that is really moving, timing can be important. We like to set our buyers up to immediately receive notices directly from our MLS anytime a new home that meets their criteria hits the market, or experiences a price change. We will also set you up with a MLS "Portal" that allows you to save and discard listings according to your preference.



Making an Offer

We will help structure an offer that is attractive to the seller, while protecting your best interests and getting you the most "bang for your buck." This includes helping determine the property's market value, the amount of earnest money that you should offer up front, any personal property that should be included in the sale price, the contingencies that will need to be investigated and satisfied prior to closing, and the closing date that will work best for your schedule.



Negotiating to Acceptance

We like to present our buyers' offers to the seller in person whenever possible. This allows us to present it in the very best light and put a personal touch on it, as well as address any upfront objections or questions they may have. If anything in your offer is unacceptable to the seller, and they "counter" the offer you have made, we will negotiate firmly on your behalf until we are able to come to mutual agreement.



Under Contract

Once we have an accepted offer, we will use your earnest money to open escrow with the title company. They will prepare a preliminary title report, for which we will have a contingency built into the contract, to identify any issues associated with the real property (covenants, easements, liens, taxes, etc.). We will also have a home inspection or property investigation contingency and can recommend several licensed home inspectors or property surveyors. While your lender sends your mortgage application through underwriting, they will also arrange for an appraisal. We will address any other conditions and contingencies during this "due diligence" period as well.




Once all contingencies have been satisfied, we will join you and your lender at your closing appointment at the title company. There, you will sign the final documents to complete your sale. Once the seller has also signed, it will record with the County -- and then it's time to celebrate!