Selling Residential Real Estate

David Stone was very professional in dealing with the sale of my home ... and was extremely knowledgeable about the area market. It was reassuring to know that I had such a great real estate agent on my side during the sales process ... he is one of the best in the real estate business in Northwest Montana. If you want an immediate response David is the right fit for you. -bpope
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The Process of Selling a Home

Throughout our careers, we have seen more than a few different Realtor approaches to this business — from the bare bones of just putting it on MLS and hoping it sells, to spending a fortune on ineffective advertising (the agents benefitting from having their names and pictures out there at the expense of their clients’ advertising dollars).

​Our emphasis is to listen to you and focus on what matters to you and your family, dedicating ourselves to your real estate goals, and giving our all to help you enjoy a smooth and successful real estate experience. Working in close communication with each other, we ensure that you will never be left hanging. Whatever challenges arise, we will find the right solutions and help you maximize the return on your important real estate investment.



Determining Market Value

In addition to doing a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) specific to your property, we also look closely at market trends, comparing year-over-year sales and evaluating how the absorption rate of current inventory will affect the sale of your property. This will help us determine the highest anticipated sales price while remaining realistic and not setting you up to linger on the market.



Preparing for Viewing

Before you rush to complete several home improvement projects, we can help you determine what -- if anything -- will yield your highest rate of returns. Oftentimes we find that a simple decluttering and rearranging of your existing furniture items will help present your home in its best light, while avoiding home staging or improvement costs.



Listing & Marketing

Upon signing your listing agreement and appropriate disclosures, we will upload your property to MLS, from which it will be broadcast to multiple associated websites, but we won't stop there. We will develop a marketing plan customized to your property and communicate clearly regarding what you can expect along the way.



Negotiating to Acceptance

Upon receiving an offer, we will negotiate vigorously on your behalf until we are able to come to mutual agreement. We know that price is not the only factor, and will work to make sure that personal property, any contingencies and the closing date will work for you. We will also help to ensure that the buyer is qualifed and able to complete the purchase before we take it off the market.



Under Contract

Once we have an accepted offer, the buyer's earnest money will be used to open escrow with the title company. They will prepare a preliminary title report, for which we will have a contingency built into the contract, to identify any issues associated with the real property (covenants, easements, liens, taxes, etc.). We will work with the buyers' agent to ensure that any appointments for home inspectors, appraisers, surveyors, etc. are scheduled and completed in a timely manner, and will work through any buyer requests or issues that arise during this period.




Once all contingencies have been satisfied, we will join you at your closing appointment at the title company. There, you will sign the final documents to complete your sale. Once the buyer has also signed and the deal has been funded it will record with the County -- and then it's time to celebrate!